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our Story

 Desert Rose Farmhouse Mercantile was founded by the father daughter duo Lance and Malyssa West of Boise, ID. 

Antiques have been part of their lives for years and years.

This genuine love for vintage & antique finds goes back three generations. It has created a unique bond within their family.  Each antique item is hand picked, restored, and embellished personally.  The design of each piece is carefully thought out to give a unique vibe.  Malyssa and Lance do an amazing job coming up with timeless designs.  They spend their free time together at yard sales and flea markets; searching for unique pieces that are exactly what you've been looking for.

Desert Rose Farmhouse Mercantile hopes to grow bigger every year and continue on the wonderful journey

that it has endured so far. 



We want to help you find that perfect piece to complete your space. Our mission is to help you discover that one vintage treasure that you've been dying to find.

We want to help you pick that 

timeless piece you're going

to love for years to come.

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